Online Course for Women Buying Homes Solo
Get More Than Just Real Estate Advice.
Learn 10 Critical Steps For Successful Homeownership For Women Just Like YOU!

Women Homebuyers’
10 Critical Steps to Success

Brand New from Sandra Rinomato

The Online Program Reveals 10 Secrets Nobody talks about for a woman like you buying your own home to Truly Position Yourself For Success without Figuring It All Out Yourself. And here is a quick and easy solution to master buying your dream home using techniques I’ve learned in over 25 years of experience…and you can do it in just one weekend!

Learn how to master these 10 Critical Steps to Success and 
take control of your DESTINY. 100% Guaranteed!

WAS $199

NOW $47

Reason for Developing
10 Critical Steps to Success

Now that you know why I wrote my book Home Worthy: How to Buy Your Dream Home with Ease let me explain something to you.

I know that we often pick up a great book, get inspired and motivated and then we put the book on the shelf and don’t do anything with all that inspiration. We’ve all done it, or we don’t even read the book at all, let it sit on our nightstand and have to wipe off the dust to put on our bookshelf. So the book goes from being a self-help book to a “shelf-help” book. I know it’s true! I’ve done it myself!

For that reason and because I’ve worked with so many women who have set the goal of home ownership, I know that many women will benefit from more support. Especially women who are surrounded by people who would try (knowingly or unknowingly) to stop them from pursuing the goal. Women who don’t have a role model to emulate. Women who I know will want more support and that I can’t be there for them in person as their realtor.

These techniques aren’t the part the realtor handles for you. The realtor handles the “how-to” part. As I mentioned, this is not a “how to get a mortgage” or “how to read a home inspection report” kind of thing. This is way more than that.

And the thing is, the “how-to” is only about 20% of it and the remaining 80% are the things we cover in the online courses that are available to you.

I’ve developed 3 levels of support to offer you. They all include my videos where I explain the concepts as a perfect companion to my book. The entry level option is for you if you only want the videos to go with the book but do not want any support. It’s called The Women Homebuyer’s 10 Critical Steps to Success.

What is the Women Homebuyers’ 10 Critical Steps to Success Program?
It Is Not Your Regular Buyer's Guide

It is NOT an instructional video on "how to get a mortgage approval"

It’s NOT “how to budget”

It’s NOT “how to save money for a down payment”

It’s NOT a sneaky way to get you to hire me as your realtor

What if you had the ability 
to get everything you want?

The Women Home Buyers’ 10 Critical Steps to Success Program is a SHORT CUT 
to buy your dream home with ease.



Here’s some of the secrets
you will discover:

You’re reading this today for a reason, you don’t want to pay rent anymore, you don’t want to be at the whim of your landlord who may or may not fix the place, or allow you to make the place the way YOU want it, you want security, independence, empowerment to make your own decisions and you’ve watched the real estate market and you want to make that kind of money passively…. and you desire more. …So you know where you are, and you probably know where you want to go. The only thing left is how are you going to get there?

Today, you have the chance to get the one thing that makes the difference between success and failure in buying your own home, the one thing that allows you to buy your dream home with EASE. It’s called the Women Homebuyers’ 10 Critical Steps to Success ..and it takes the ONE THING that will transform your dream home purchase into a successful journey like I have for myself and so many others.

I’m going to show you what is really going to trip you up once you get close to the finish line or what’s holding you back in getting STARTED! You’ll learn the secret to finding out what YOU truly want, and how to get it. You’ll become a master at focus and making decisions easily, you will be able to overcome obstacles and live your dream life.

Now I know you may be thinking that you are too close to buying your place right now and you don’t need this, or you may be just toying with the idea and you’re not ready yet….or, you may not even have allowed yourself to ever even DREAM about owning your own home….but I know the 10 Critical Steps to Success Program is important to you no matter where you are right now.

Inside Women Homebuyers’ 10 CRITICAL STEPS to Success: Here’s some of the Secrets You Will Discover…

    🏠 The single biggest thing you have to do BEFORE you start home                       shopping.
    🏠 What every SUCCESSFUL homebuyer knows.
    🏠 What you need to do every single day to ensure your success.
    🏠 Three ways to overcome insecurity​.
    🏠 How you can become independent and change your DESTINY.
    🏠  How to buy your own home even if you think you
          can’t … or shouldn’t.
    🏠  How to buy a home WITHOUT a partner even if you
          don’t have tons of money.
    🏠   How to set and achieve your goals using Sandra’s
           sure-fire method.
    🏠   Sure fire way to know you are doing the right thing.
    🏠   How to eliminate doubt.
    🏠   What you should NEVER do when you are buying your own home.
        🏠 How to say GOODBYE to waiting for MR. RIGHT to
              come along before you can buy your own home!
        🏠 How to leave ’em in the dust when they say a woman
               can’t buy real estate.
        🏠 How to make important decisions quickly and easily.
        🏠 How to avoid the frustration many homebuyers face.
        🏠 What to do if you are not sure you SHOULD buy your own home.
        🏠 How to AVOID making a mistake.
        🏠 How to know when it’s the right thing to do.
        🏠 Why you are Home Worthy and you deserve it.
        🏠  How to achieve whatever goal you set for yourself.
        🏠  How to be able to PLAN your achievements.
        🏠   Why just HAVING A PLAN ISN’T ENOUGH to get you
               past the finish line.
        🏠   That EVERYTHING is possible.

      Is "10 Critical Steps" for you?

        🏠 you are tired of renting and paying someone else's mortgage
        🏠 ​​you are a woman who has been thinking about buying real estate
        🏠​ you've thought about buying your own home and then changed your            mind.
          🏠 you’re tired of living the life that others have prescribed
                for you.
          🏠 you crave financial SECURITY, RESPECT and CREDIBILITY.
          🏠 you feel STUCK.
          🏠 you want to be independent.
          🏠 ​​you want to be prepared for everything life offers down the road

            🏠 you want to build OPTIONS for the future
                🏠 ​​you want to become the woman you are meant to be
                🏠 ​​​you want to achieve all that you can in life
                🏠 you want to live life without limitation
                🏠 you want to turn your wildest dreams into goals and CRUSH them
                🏠 you want to attract the abundant life you've always wanted
                🏠 you want to go from overwhelmed to complete clarity
                    🏠  you want to live YOUR BEST LIFE
                    🏠  you want to be SUCCESSFUL

                  WITH 10 Critical Steps to Success

                  LIMITED TIME OFFER

                  Regular Value $199
                  You get the complete, 12-video course that reveals to you in precise
                   details all that you need to buy your dream home with ease…so you’ll 
                  never have to wonder “why others can do it but not me”…. Ever again.

                  Introducing "The Women Homebuyers' 
                  10 CRITICAL STEPS to Success"

                  Jann Arden
                  Canadian Superstar

                  “Sandra Rinomato is giving us all the opportunity 
                  to invest and believe and cheer on our future selves. 
                  Her expertise is unparalleled and her advice is uncomplicated and easy to understand. Sandra has 
                  done it all, she’s seen the markets rise and fall and rise again and she can show you how to become Home Worthy and truly live your best life."

                  Jann Arden
                  Singer, songwriter, actor, author, 
                  Hall of Fame Inductee

                  Here's EVERYTHING You'll Get Today With The

                  10 CRITICAL STEPS For Success

                  You get the complete 12-video course that reveals to you in precise details all that you need to to know to buy your dream home with ease…so you’ll never have to wonder “why others can do it but not me”…. Ever again.         Now Only for $47 

                  PLUS, you also get 4 FREE BONUSES

                  • BONUS #1: You’ll gain access to this EXCLUSIVE Video with Marnie Brooks, the make-up artist to the Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott where she tells how she broke the mold and became the first woman in her family to ever buy a home. In this inspiring video she explains what motivated her, what threatened to hold her back and how she feels about it now. 
                  • BONUS #2: Instantly download Sandra’s book Dwell on This! Sandra explains how you can stop dwelling on things that take you away from JOY. A perfect companion to 10 CRITICAL STEPS to Success which will help you change your story so you can change your DESTINY!
                  • BONUS #3: A powerful and vital exercise to deepen your understanding of why you want to buy your dream home. We identify your true motivation, your reason WHY! I help you identify the truth behind your dreams, and believe that you can achieve them, and tap into a motivation you have never experienced so far.
                  • BONUS #4: You get an action plan to help you move toward your goal and achieve it! We’ll give you guidance on what you could and should do to keep moving forward toward your goal but we’ll keep it simple and easy.

                  If that’s not enough… you get this too:

                  • Lifetime Access to your own private members’ only area, so you can log in anytime with your computer, tablet or phone (even it’s 3a.m in the morning!) to access 10 CRITICAL STEPS to Success. You can do that while you’re travelling, in-between meetings, during lunch, curled up in your favourite nook....anytime you want! (Priceless!)
                  • Lifetime Guarantee. YES IT'S TRUE! Our "You Won't Believe It" lifetime guarantee allows you to go through the training and implement at your own pace. I guarantee that if you go through the program at your own pace and then startimplementing what you learn you will have a solid understanding of how to identify your dreams and implement your plan to get them, no matter what. At any point in time (1 week, 1 month, or even 1 year later!) if you feel the 10 CRITICAL STEPS to Success program does not ridiculously help you to know this important information, simply let us know and we will send 100% of your money back. No RISK. No questions asked. No hardfeelings. But if you’re like most people you’ve seen on this page, this experience will change your life!

                  LIMITED TIME OFFER!

                  NOW = ONLY $47

                  Why do I need a this program?

                  Watch this short video or read the transcript below to find out why...

                  "This is one reason why some women fail when they tried to buy their own homes! 
                  Hey, after 25 years of selling real estate, I witnessed a lot of changes. But the most exciting one by far is that more and more single women are buying their own homes and investment properties. I was one of those women myself and I work with them all the time, but I've noticed there are so many women that are successful, YAY, there are so many that fail. And I was like Sandra, why is there such a difference? Why were they successful? Why did they fail? So research and guess what? I found an answer - there was one difference between my clients. This difference is 80% of why you will succeed or fail. The other 20% is "how to stuff" - your budget and all that stuff. But this is way deeper. This is way more important. And guess what? All things that we talk about will help you in all aspects of your life, not just buying real estate. 
                  So take charge of your life. Change your destiny, empower yourself. Take your first power action by hitting the button learn more. You deserve it. 
                  You are Home Worthy!"

                  (1:07 minutes)

                  Why Only $47.00 ???

                  To be honest, I probably earn only a buck or two after deducting the hosting fee for the video content, plus the cost of advertising to reach you.


                  I want to reach as many women as possible and help make empowered women the NORM. I want your light to shine brightly and show every woman and young girl that a woman can achieve anything she wants and without limitation. 

                  Maybe you'll send other women to my course so I can support them on their journey, and maybe you'll love it so much you'll want to participate in other things I do.

                  Sound fair? :)

                  However, I Have A Quick Confession To Make

                  Here’s a ‘flaw’ of this program I need to admit to you.

                  Nothing beats a live event experience or face-to-face mentoring but we aren’t able to meet like that right now. But I understand not everyone can take a week’s off away from work and family, pay thousands of dollars plus travel and stay, to be in a 3-day intensive program. That’s why I pivoted and created this online program to save you time, money and energy. And you’re still able to learn these powerful techniques from anywhere in the world.

                  Why You Need To Claim This Limited Time Offer Now

                  There is an old Chinese proverb that says, "the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago... but the 2nd best time, is NOW."

                  If you are serious about  taking control of your destiny, of becoming the woman you are meant to be, living your best life and having everything you ever wanted and to stop living the life others have prescribed for youliving small and in the shadows, building someone else’s financial security and missing out on the opportunity to build your own wealth…
                  …then NOW is the time to get access to the 10 Critical Steps to Success.

                  Here Is My "You-Won't-Believe-It" (LIFETIME) Guarantee

                  I GUARANTEE that if you go through the program at your own pace and then start implementing what you learn, you will have a solid understanding of how to identify your dreams and implement your plan to get them no matter what your story is. At any point in time (1 week, 1 month, or 1 year later!) if you feel the Women Homebuyer's 10 Critical Steps to Success program does not ridiculously help you to know this important information, simply let us know and we will send 100% of your money back. No RISK. No questions asked. No hard feelings.

                  Why Am I Doing This?

                  Am I crazy for offering the 100% Money-Back Lifetime Guarantee? 

                  Maybe. Maybe not. 

                  The way I look at it is this: if I were in your shoes and looking at this page now, I’d want to rest assured that if I’m unable to use the Women Homebuyer's 10 CRITICAL STEPS for Success for any reason (or no reason), I could get my money back – makes sense doesn’t it?

                  PLUS, you must be satisfied, or I don’t deserve your business.
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