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The Women Homebuyers’ 10 Critical Steps to Success PLUS:

🏠 FREE Membership to Sandra’s Elite Circle since we’re all about RESULTS!    
🏠 Up to 6 One-on-One mentoring sessions with me, Sandra where you can get your most intimate questions answered, where I will be your mentor and guide throughout your home buying journey…or for whatever you want to achieve!

🏠 Access to Sandra, yes you can pick my brain and draw on her massive experience with women buying their own homes and think of her as your personal guide.

🏠 Membership to our private member community Home Worthy Tribe.
🏠 Online live calls where we’ll answer your questions, celebrate your victories and help you through a rough patch when you need it.

🏠 More exclusive interviews with women just like you who have cracked the code and bought their own home, like Peggy McColl whose heart wrenching journey will inspire you to know that you can achieve anything you want to.

🏠 Home Worthy Master Class worksheets.

🏠 Action Plan Workshop where you will get personalized help to create your action plan (the HOW) and ideas and resources on how to implement it starting immediately!

Ongoing support

🏠 Q&A’s with professionals from supporting industries, like Mortgage Lenders, 
and more.            
🏠 Motivational tips and inspiration sent to your inbox.

VIP Membership to Sandra’s Elite Circle

Regular Value $1997

Be part of Sandra’s most intimate circle, get access to Sandra, 
yes you can pick her brain and draw on her massive experience with women 
buying their own homes and think of her as your personal guide.

Interviews, Q&A’s,
Worksheets and Ongoing Support TODAY, 
you get this entire bonus for FREE!

We keep adding amazing bonuses that you can access 
anytime with your membership of the Home Worthy Master Class 
that will keep  you inspired, excited and motivated 
and ON TRACK for crushing your BIG GOALS!

PLUS, you also get 4 FREE BONUSES

  • BONUS #1: You’ll gain access to this EXCLUSIVE Video with Marnie Brooks, the make-up artist to the Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott where she tells how she broke the mold and became the first woman in her family to ever buy a home. In this inspiring video she explains what motivated her, what threatened to hold her back and how she feels about it now. 
  • BONUS #2: Instantly download Sandra’s book Dwell on This! Sandra explains how you can stop dwelling on things that take you away from JOY. A perfect companion to 10 CRITICAL STEPS to Success which will help you change your story so you can change your DESTINY!
  • BONUS #3: A powerful and vital exercise to deepen your understanding of why you want to buy your dream home. We identify your true motivation, your reason WHY! I help you identify the truth behind your dreams, and believe that you can achieve them, and tap into a motivation you have never experienced so far.
  • BONUS #4: We’ll host a hands-on workshop where you will create your very own action plan with our guidance, and we’ll answer your questions live, on the spot. You won’t have to do it all alone! You create a tailor made unique action plan to help you move toward your goal and achieve it! We’ll give you guidance on what you could and should do to keep moving forward toward your goal but we’ll keep it simple and easy and help you break it down into actionable steps.

If that’s not enough… you get this too:

  • Lifetime Access to your own private members’ only area, so you can log in anytime with your computer, tablet or phone (even it’s 3a.m in the morning!) to access 10 CRITICAL STEPS to Success. You can do that while you’re travelling, in-between meetings, during lunch, curled up in your favourite nook....anytime you want! (Priceless!)
  • Lifetime Guarantee. YES IT'S TRUE! Our "You Won't Believe It" lifetime guarantee allows you to go through the training and implement at your own pace. I guarantee that if you go through the program at your own pace and then startimplementing what you learn you will have a solid understanding of how to identify your dreams and implement your plan to get them, no matter what. At any point in time (1 week, 1 month, or even 1 year later!) if you feel the 10 CRITICAL STEPS to Success program does not ridiculously help you to know this important information, simply let us know and we will send 100% of your money back. No RISK. No questions asked. No hardfeelings. But if you’re like most people you’ve seen on this page, this experience will change your life!
"Sandra, you are always there with support and kindness, and I will forever be grateful to you. It would be impossible to count all the ways that you’ve helped me. I am so blessed to have you as my mentor, and a good friend. Thank you so much for everything that you do!!!! You are an amazing human being and one of a kind."

"I knew the moment I met Sandra that my life was about to change in a big way. Warm, bubbly with a tell it like it is attitude, I felt comfortable speaking candidly about my thoughts and feelings and Sandra helped me feel confident in my potential immediately. The mentoring and training I have received since beginning with Sandra has been nothing short of unbelievable."

"Many promise to provide training and support but Sandra delivers. She listens intently and her no nonsense, tell it like it is attitude really helped me. Sandra has a lifetime of experience and knowledge to share and she will push you to be your best version while supporting you every step of the way. Sandra has a huge heart and gives 120 percent to everything she sets out to do- which is why I am sure is the reason her clients love her and she is so successful."

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